Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up for the Your 30 Day Drumming Journey Program?

Sign up on our Your 30 Day Drumming Journey Page. Link here! 

Does Y30DDJ expire after 30 days and are there ongoing fees?

not at all! once you have registered for Your 30 Day Drumming Journey, you will have unlimited access to the program. No ongoing or renewal fees.

Where are your videos and content currently recorded?

Our content is currently recorded in various locations, but our online directional programs are recorded at ‘Messiah Studios’.  
Website here:

I don't have a drum kit or any gear, how can i get started?

Go to your local music store, or even eBay and purchase a pair of drumsticks, metronome and a practice pad! You won’t need a drum kit to begin with straight away but gaining access to one is extremely ideal!  

Our Recommended go to stores are: 

DrumFactory Parramatta:

CarlingFord Music Centre:

Turramurra Music Centre:

Who is Ready2Drum run by?

Ready2Drum is run by Sean Isaac Tng and Kevin Mendoza. More info on them at our
Please have a read through our ‘About R2D’ page too! 

I Registered via the login page, why can't I access Y30DDJ?

Registering via the log in page will just make you a member of the r2d Website but does not make you eligible to access our programs.

Please head to the “Your 30 Day Drumming Journey” program page and purchase the program to gain full access! 

What does "R2D verified educator" mean?

We strive to keep a very high standard when inviting educators on to our tutors network.
We personally see to it that all our educators on our tutors network are playing drums at a HIGH professional level BUT also are passionate about education and growing the drumming community.

Do you have a YouTube Channel/Instagram/Facebook page?

Yes we do! Our YouTube channel is currently being grown but it will feature free drumming content, videos and interviews as well as some highlights of Sean and Kevin’ s real life experiences as professional drummers!